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Dust Filter for 라디에이터 (Made in Germany)
2016-12-14 09:55:32

Clean Office - dust filter for radiators


 Dusty air in the office? Coughing? Scratchy throat?

Help yourself by using the new dust filter for radiators of the


The next heating season is just around the corner. Especially in offices there is a lot of movement whereby the existing dust (partly ultra fine particles) will be stirred up. Due to the natural air circulation coming from the warm radiators this will be spread all over the office.

Use now the thermal of your heating for dust filtration!

The open-pored CLEAN OFFICE dust filter for radiators is electrostatically charged and thus do almost not impede the air circulation. At the same time it filters up to 90% (!) of the different-sized dust particles existing in the air which has been tested by the independent testing institute "SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH".

The filters have a dimension of 300 x 100 x 10 mm and can be easily cut to size. 3 filters placed side by side do cover the open surface of a standard two-plates radiator that will be mounted to abt. 80%. With the aid of a second package you can also cover larger radiators.

Depending on dust exposure the filters are lasting 3 months up to a whole heating season. You will have to change the filter when the filter surface shows a considerable grey discolouration.


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