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석면광산 등 석면발생지역의 토양 중 석면분석에 필요한 기구중 하나 입니다.
2016-12-08 17:08:03

All three grids styles available only 200 mesh!

Regular SuperGrid™ Slim Bar®
55% open area
30 µm bar width
95 µm grid square
3:1 aspect ratio
125 µm mesh pitch
77% open area
20 µm bar width
105 µm grid square
5:1 aspect ratio
125 µm mesh pitch
Slim Bar®
84% open area
10 µm bar width
115 µm grid square
23:1 aspect ratio
125 µm mesh pitch

*. SPI Selection: choose your preference in grid style from SPI Regular, SPI SuperGrid™ or SPI Slim Bar®! And also select from copper, nickel or gold depending on the specific nature of your work (Note: for TEM asbestos work, NLVAP specifies the use of 200 mesh copper). We would also point out that the smaller the perimeter to area ratio, and the less important will be edge effects (e.g. fibers straddling a grid square). Therefore the SPI Slim Bar® style, for a given mesh size, would have an advantage and be preferred. However, carbon films tend to be slightly less stable because of the larger grid square opening (95 µm "regular" vs. 115 µm for the Slim Bar style). So like other things in life, grids and mesh sizes also represent a range of trade-offs. There has been some variation in the average grid opening area as measured in our grid calibration program, but typically the open area per grid square, irrespective of metal, is about 9,000 square micrometers (0.009 square millimeters) for 2270C-XA, 11,000 square micrometers (0.011 square millimeters) for 2280C-XA and 12,500 square micrometers (0.0125 square millimeters) for 2290C-XA.
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